New RFID and EMF Protection for our Hip Klippers!

Oh my goodness…one whole year has gone by since I updated you on what’s going on at Judy’s Gifts.

It has been such a busy year and again, we have met such wonderful, friendly customers out there….all across the USA!  It makes what we do so enjoyable!









Things are really POPPIN” and CRACKLIN’ here at Judy’s Gifts!!!  So many new, unique Gift items for you to share with friends or family and even to treat yourself or to help keep you safe.

We now have RFID individual Credit Card Holders…They are not paper like some of those on the market right now,but rather a sealed solid metal that is durable and attractive.

RFID Credit Card Protectors


We will continue to offer the Mini-Pockets for those who wish to carry multiple cards and perhaps some cash.

They also offer RFID protection for your Credit Cards, and they are $6.95 each and close with Velcro.Blue Wallet Clipped


Our last RFID protection Gift item is a Wallet/Credit Card Holder with a zippered compartment that provides Security for your valuable information.

It holds 9+ Credit Cards, ID and some Bills and Coins and retails for $14.95 each.  These all will be on my website soon and all of them fit in the Hip Klips!


RFID Wallet with cards RFID Wallet and Hip Klip RFID Wallet with money










Another Hip Klip accessory is  the ‘BlocSock’.  If you are aware of the health debate regarding Cell Phones and Radiation and are looking for ways to avoid radiation from cell phones,

than this is the perfect answer! It has been EMF tested and reduces SAR by 96%!  It contains a unique shielding system that reduces all the emissions of radiation from Cell Phones.

They can be used when you carry your phone in your Hip Klip, in your pocket and when you hold it to your head for a long time on a call to protect that precious brain of ours!

They retail for $24.95 and here are some images of them.

BlocSock in use blocksoc-large











Then we have some really cool accessories for the Hip Klips.  As some of you already know, we now offer a little elastic ‘tab’  on the side of the Hip Klip cell-phone pockets, that you can use to carry pens, a stylus or even some glasses. So I felt a ‘Stylus’ and ‘Tassels’ would be  perfect Hip Klip accessories to offer you for Gifts or yourself!   Here is a photo showing them being used.

Stylus, Tassel on Hip Klip           Stylus-Pen-for-iphone-4-G-Silver-G-44055_14



Stylus for Cell phone

Stylus for Cell phone 2

Tassels, Leather








We also will be offering EMF protection in one style of our Hip Klips, so if you are wearing it all day for work or traveling and would like to have a Hip Klip that offers anti-radiation protection, than this is the perfect pocket for you.   They are offered in the Subtle Black in both the Large and X-Large and here is a photo of that style…

EMF Subtle Black, Lrg

Here are some of my new Personalized Hip Klips which make them more individual for taste and Gifts!  Hope you enjoy them!


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, XLrg

Winged Heart, XLrg Dragonfly, XLrg Wings, XLrgMulti-Faceted Butterfly, XLrg


We also have some new Military Hip Klips to honor those that serve our country (just in time for the 4th!) Here are the 4 different Military branches:

United States Army with klips United States Air Force with klipsUnited States Marine Corps with klips United States Navy with klips


You can find these unique Hip Klips at this link on my Website:

If you have any questions about these unique new Gift items, feel free to contact me ….

Some of them are almost revolutionary to …..keep you safe, help make your life easier or simpler in some way…

(that’s my Business philosophy and I’m stickin’ to it!)

Hope the 4th of July is a wonderful celebration for you and your family!

Happiness and Joy!




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