Unique gifts, most under $30, like Judys Hip Klips Cell phone pockets!

Thank you for visiting my ‘Unique and affordable Boutique/Gift shop, where your will find many cool, unique gifts under $30!’  You are welcome to shop or browse in a secure environment.

Welcome to Judy’s Unique & Affordable Hip Klips & Gifts!

Thank you for visiting my ‘Unique Boutique!

You are welcome to shop or browse in  a secure environment. I take pride in offering the most unique gifts  for Him and Her, at the most  affordable prices! They are unique products that help to keep us organized, to lighten our load, to  make our busy days a  little easier, and to keep us safer!! My gift offerings are selected for quality, beauty, usability, and affordability.  To see more details about my Gift  Line, and the Hip Klips Cell Phone Pockets, especially the 'Bling Hip Klips' which I design and create, please visit my ‘Video and Product Info’ pages. Don’t forget to register, so  I can send you news about  specials and my new great ‘finds!’  Have fun  visiting my 'Online Boutique' and feel free to 'Say Hello!'  or leave comments below.  If you care to share a Testimonial, which I so appreciate, (see Contact Us below)I will post it on my TESTIMONIAL page. I so enjoy hearing from you! 

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