Cell Phone Radiation

Is cell phone radiation dangerous? How can I shield  microwaves from my  phone?  Find out more here with this great Blocsock movie. 

Hip Klips Promo

Introducing The Hip Klip & Pocket Accessory:  An exciting new  product that lets you enjoy your favorite activities hands free while  keeping your essentials such as cash, credit, ID, and cell on you.  Just  clip it & go! 


 Hear Rick Hopper, Inventor of ReadeREST, as seen on Shark Tank, explains why people love their ReadeREST. 

Are  you tired of losing, breaking or damaging your glasses and earbuds? How  many times have you wished your glasses or earbuds were safely  accessible within easy reach?

Watch this short video to see the simple solution and why people become addicted.  

Hip Klip Testimonial Video